10+ Times TWICE’s Momo Made Our Jaws Drop With Her Cute “Girlfriend Vibes” Visuals

Quick, grab something to squish before you see Momo’s cutest moments yet!

TWICE‘s Momo has an interesting duality about her that her fans are very fortunate enough to witness.

She can be an extremely appealing K-Pop idol when she’s performing on stage and confidently showing off her powerful dance moves.

She can also be an incredibly cute celebrity whenever TWICE is doing their fan-meetings, since she’s wearing adorable props that simply enhance her beauty.

Momo’s cuteness doesn’t have a specific time-frame, though: she can turn it on every single time…

…and every time she does this, it only makes the hearts of her fans flutter because of the “ideal girlfriend vibes” she gives out! Here are 10+ of her cutest moments yet — which one’s your favorite?

1. It’s really refreshing to see how adorable she looks

2. This is why fans do whatever they can to make her smile

3. The sparkle in her eyes is everything

4. Here’s pretty and pouty Momo to make your day

5. We wonder if the fan who filmed this survived this cute attack?

6. You totally expected her to wink…

7. …but you were surprised, too, right?

8. A well-fed K-Pop idol is a happy K-Pop idol


9. Her shyness to do aegyo just made in 10x cuter

10. Hearts here…

11. …hearts there…

12. …she’s stealing everyone’s hearts everywhere!

13. As her fan, though, you don’t mind, right?