TWICE Momo’s Official Color Is Pink, And These 10 Looks Prove That No Other Color Brings Out Her Charm Like Pink Does

Pink can be cute, elegant, or sexy, just like Momo.

Pink is TWICE Momo‘s designated color, and since the color represents compassion, love, and playfulness, it’s the perfect color for her. Pink brings joy and warmth into people’s lives, and these 10 looks prove that no other color brings out Momo’s incredible charm like pink does.

1. “Scientist”

Momo is decked out in pink from head to toe, and she’s never looked hotter.

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2. Minnie Mouse

This would honestly be the perfect outfit to wear to Disney World.

TWICE MOMO Is An Adorable Minnie Mouse - KPop News

3. “Hello”

Momo looked absolutely stunning no matter what outfit she wore for “Hello.”

TWICE Momo Proves She's an Ultimate Hottie — Here's How | KpopStarz




4. Her Pink Grapefruit Hair

Whether in a double bun or curly pigtails, Momo looks super cute with pink hair.


| @Ringx3_/Twitter

5. “Scientist” Dance Practice

We love when all of TWICE wear Momo’s color.

| TWICE/YouTube 

6. “Feel Special” Fancam

Momo’s charisma is overwhelming.


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♬ Feel Special – TWICE

7. A Picture Of Elegance

Momo is giving off prima ballerina vibes, but Jeongyeon‘s smile in the background might be stealing the spotlight.


8. Momo As Boo

Momo in two words: adorable and sexy.


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♬ เสียงต้นฉบับ – Ⓩ®:Time_N๑i♡ (ตัวจริงคนดูน้อย) – Tik Toker

9. A Literal Princess

Momo doesn’t need a crown for people to know she’s royalty.


| @_h1109m_/Twitter

10. “I Can’t Stop Me” At SBS Gayo Daejeon

Momo’s love for Barbie has manifested through her doll-like beauty.

Korean Dreams Girls — Momo (Twice) - SBS Gayo Daejun Pics