4 Times TWICE’s Momo Proudly Talked About Her Couple Ring With Sana

They’re soulmates 💕

TWICE‘s Momo and Sana have been best friends for many years.

TWICE’s Momo | @momosavocado/Twitter
TWICE’s Sana | @momosavocado/Twitter

One way they solidified their friendship was by buying couple rings together, and Momo can’t stop being proud of them! Here are four times Momo talked about their couple rings to other people.

1. With Nayeon

In a past live broadcast, Nayeon mentioned that she doesn’t wear rings. Unlike Nayeon, however, Momo proudly held hers up for fans to see, saying, “My ring.

2. With Dahyun

On a separate occasion, Momo shared the origin story of the couple rings to Dahyun. She revealed that she and Sana bought them in Japan.

This is a couple ring with Sana. We bought this from Japan.

— Momo

The rings caught their attentions because of their deep meaning. According to Momo, they mean “Now is the moment.”

3. With fans

Momo once again mentioned the ring in passing during a live broadcast.

This is a ring that I bought a long time ago with Sana.

— Momo

4. With a fan

Finally, in the past, a fan asked about the ring she was wearing. She calmly replied with, “Ah, this is a couple ring with Sana.

Momo’s pride just goes to show that she and Sana have a friendship like no other!

Source: Twitter