10 Times TWICE’s Nayeon Impressed Us With Her Color Coordinated Fashion

Nayeon is truly a fashionista.

TWICE‘s Nayeon is receiving compliments for her very well tone-on fashion where she matches the colors of her outfits perfectly and make them come together to create a nice ensemble! It is evident in these photos that she makes sure the colors of the clothing pieces she wears compliment each other!

Here are 10 times Nayeon impressed us with her color coordinated casual fashion!

1. Nude colors

Nayeon showed up at the airport wearing a brown nudeish long sleeved top and paired it with flowy and loose white colored pants!

2. Grayscale

Nayeon kept it lowkey when she arrived at the aiprort wearing a gray cardigan and paired it with black bottoms!

3. Camouflage

Nayeon looks adorable in this ensemble that makes use of colors that make up the camouflage.

4. A pop of color is never bad

Nayeon wore a gray turtle neck top and a checkered printed blazer on top to keep her warm. She paired those with dark purple velvet pants to give her look a pop of color!

5. Sunshine yellow

In a bright yellow colored bottoms a white shirt and a blazer to top it off, Nayeon really looks extra happy in this outfit!

6. Going green

Nayeon wore moss green themed tops and paired it with khaki bottoms keeping it natural!

7. More in bright yellow

She was spotted wearing the bright yellow pants again, but this time, she paired it with a gray sweater!

8. Plaid

Nayeon wore plaid printed bottoms and paired it with a gray sweater with a bear in the center who is also wearing an outfit with similar colors as her bottoms!

9. More greenery

The color green suits Nayeon really well, and this photo where she wore a green top and a green blazer over it proves it all.

10. Keeping it bright

Wearing a white sweater and light washed jeans for her bottoms, Nayeon keeps it light and bright in this ensemble!

Source: Nate Pann