10+ Times TWICE’s Nayeon Looked Drop-Dead Gorgeous In Glasses

#10 is legendary!

TWICE‘s Nayeon always looks incredible!

TWICE’s Nayeon | @twicetagram/Instagram

While Nayeon always looks great, seeing her in glasses is such a treat! Here are 10+ times Nayeon looked beyond gorgeous in glasses!

1. When she was hotter than the California sun

Nayeon looked so cute posing in her glasses on the balcony of her Santa Monica hotel room on tour!

2. Pretty in pink

Nayeon was definitely serving looks during the “Scientist” era!

3. She looks spectacular in spectacles

These round-framed glasses look adorable on her!

4. Forever thinking about this Nayeon

She’s serving major girlfriend material vibes in these glasses!

5. Cute and casual

Nayeon looks so cute and comfy here!

6. She’s absolutely gorgeous

Nayeon is plenty beautiful on her own, but her glasses take her visuals over the top!

7. This candid photo is iconic

Even when she’s caught off guard, Nayeon still looks amazing!

8. She was stunning as Detective Lim

Thanks to TIME TO TWICE for giving us this Nayeon!

9. Her red hair suited her so well

Red hair and square-framed glasses look great on her!

10. This list wouldn’t be complete without “What Is Love?” Nayeon

She was absolutely stunning in this video!

11. Her glasses selfies are everything

Nayeon is the selfie queen!