TWICE’s Nayeon Gave Each Member A Unique Compliment, And She Couldn’t Have Been More Right

Her first-hand observation was on point!

Sometimes, it’s easy to take for granted the people you see every day, but the TWICE members don’t roll that way! They aren’t shy to shower each other with compliments, and that’s exactly what Nayeon did in a recent interview with Melon.

TWICE’s Nayeon | @nayeonyny/Instagram

From right to leftmost member, check out the unique traits she pointed out below.

1. Mina

First up was Mina, and Nayeon praised the way she wears Y2K fashion, particularly how she looks in low-rise pants.

I think Mina suits our Y2K fashion the most. She really fits the low-rise pants, and I think it’s really pretty and fits her well.

— Nayeon

2. Momo

Next, she complimented Momo’s dark hair, saying it suited her well.

And Momo! Your hair color really suits you well. It really suits you.

— Nayeon

3. Sana

Similarly, she praised Sana’s hair and added that she thinks dark colors look prettiest on her. It may be because of that that Nayeon also said that she become cuter!

I thought bright hair was the prettiest for her, but looking at her, I think darker colors are prettiest on her. She’s really cute, like she got younger.

— Nayeon

4. Tzuyu

As for maknae Tzuyu, Nayeon had a lot to say. She complimented her outfit and sweetly said that she always feels proud when she sees her on the screen.

Ah but Tzuyu, really, this outfit is really perfect on her, isn’t it? It’s something only you can wear. When I go on stage with Tzuyu, I don’t know why I gain confidence. I feel really proud when I see Tzuyu on the screen.

— Nayeon

5. Jihyo

Jihyo, in Nayeon’s opinion, stood out the most in their music video for “Talk That Talk.” Everything about her was perfection!

You can only remember Jihyo from the ‘Talk That Talk’ MV. She’s the most memorable one from the MV. The blue bridges, or fringe, she tried all looked good on her.

— Nayeon


6. Dahyun

Dancing to Dahyun’s “replay” choreography, Nayeon called it “really cute” and said it was executed well.

Dahyun doing this is really cute. My heart skipped a beat as watching that part was really cute. You really executed it well.

— Nayeon

7. Chaeyoung

After Dahyun was Chaeyoung, and Nayeon complimented the way she looks in her outfit.

Chaeyoung, I think she’s the only member amongst us who can execute this kind of fashion well.

— Nayeon

8. Jeongyeon

According to Nayeon, Jeongyeon is acting lovelier these days and has great hair despite the different colored roots.

Then for Jeongyeon, even though your hair roots grew, it’s not bad. It’s a huge compliment. I think you became lovelier these days. She was never lovely like this before.

— Nayeon

9. Nayeon

Last but not the least, Jihyo took it upon herself to praise Nayeon. She claimed that Nayeon suits every and all hairstyles, and she can’t remember a time she couldn’t pull a hairstyle off.

Nayeon unnie is… I think she suits every kind of hairstyle. I don’t remember thinking any hairstyle was bad on her.

— Jihyo

See the members’ reactions to Nayeon’s compliments in the full video below.

Source: YouTube