6 Random Facts About TWICE’s Talented Bunny Nayeon That Everyone Should Know

She almost joined JYP Entertainment way sooner!

Nayeon is the oldest member of TWICE, but you wouldn’t know it from her personality! She’s incredibly cute and energetic, and her adorable visuals make her seem younger than she is as well.

On top of this, however, she’s also a very talented vocalist and performer! She’s known to get many of the intros in TWICE’s songs because of how much her voice stands out, and she also has some of the most lines among all the members as well. Whether you’re already a fan of Nayeon or want to learn more about her, you should find these 6 facts interesting!

1. JYP Entertainment tried to cast her before she actually joined the company.

When Nayeon was a child, she took part in a kid modeling contest. Because they were so impressed with her beauty, JYP Entertainment actually tried to cast her back then! However, her mother was against her joining at such a young age, so she ended up not doing it.

2. Despite that, she couldn’t keep her talent hidden from the company.

Even though Nayeon wanted to be a novelist when she was younger, she had other aspirations as well. In grade 9, without telling her mom, Nayeon ended up participating in JYP Entertainment’s 7th annual audition, and ended up winning 2nd place out of everyone, and was accepted into the company 10 years after they originally tried to cast her!

3. She has an interesting skill.

Nayeon has admitted before that she’s not confident in doing her own makeup. However, what she lacks in makeup skills, she makes up for in skin care! In fact, she’s so knowledgeable about how to take good care of her skin that the other members look to her for advice about it as well. It’s easy to see that she knows what she’s doing, because every time she’s appeared bare-faced, she looks flawless!

4. She has cute plushies that match her own appearance.

Because of her cute front teeth, Nayeon is affectionately known as one of the bunny-like idols in K-Pop, along with others such as BTS‘s Jungkook and UP10TION‘s Sunyoul. Adorably, she actually has 3 bunny plushies that are precious to her that she has named Kkaengie, Toto, and Shasha. Apparently she even sleeps with them!

5. She has a lot of known close friends in K-Pop.

Nayeon is an incredibly friendly and outgoing person, so it’s no surprise that she has a lot of friends in K-Pop outside of TWICE! She’s known to be close with former SONAMOO‘s Nahyun, BLACKPINK‘s Jennie and Jisoo, GFRIEND‘s Sowon, SinB, and Yerin, and Red Velvet‘s Yeri.

6. She has a lot of interesting food preferences!

Nayeon is among the K-Pop idols that don’t like mint chocolate ice cream, because she thinks it tastes like toothpaste! Her favorite flavor of ice cream is Baskin-Robbins‘ “Love Struck Strawberry” flavor, though she likes to eat several flavors in a row. She has a favorite flavor of Haribo gummy bears — pineapple! — and she also loves fried chicken. She also enjoys the soup in ramen soup so much that one time she drank just the soup without eating the ramen! The only type of sushi she’ll eat is salmon sushi, and though she definitely has a huge sweet tooth, she’s said that her palate has matured over time for her to enjoy spicy things as well.

Hopefully you learned something new about this stunning idol!

Source: Doyouram