Here’s What Each Member Of TWICE Looks Like Without Any Makeup

TWICE the beauty!

These girls have amazing powers. They look stunning with makeup and without it too! While each of them tends to show off their bare face more or less than the others, there is absolutely no denying that they’ve got some major visuals. TWICE are seriously goddess no matter what they have on their face!

1. Momo

Momo isn’t afraid to experiment with her look. She’s tried many different makeup looks and all of them have looked fabulous on her.

While makeup looks great on her, her bare face is also a force to be reckoned with. It’s absolutely gorgeous!

2. Chaeyoung

Chaeyoung isn’t afraid of a little sparkle added to her makeup look. It just makes her look even more dazzling!

At the same time, she brings her own sparkle. Chaeyoung’s got a real beauty mark that luckily is always on full display with or without makeup.

3. Nayeon

Nayeon is always such a visual goddess. She often wears bright lip colors that make her lips pop!

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Regardless of what she wears or doesn’t, Nayeon leaves fans breathless.

4. Jihyo


Jihyo steals hearts with her lovely voice and beauty. Her slight cat eye enhances her brilliant eyes and her bold lip completes the look.

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When fans first caught site of a bare-faced Jihyo, they were blown away. How can one girl look so amazing without anything on her face?

5. Dahyun

She can sing, rap, dance, and always looks flawless. She tends to play up her long lashes which draws attention to her striking eyes.

She really is the queen of looking flawless. She doesn’t even need makeup to look amazing.

6. Sana

Sana likes to pull out the princess vibes. Her makeup just adds to her regal bearing and makes hearts flutter.

Although she really doesn’t need makeup to do that! Her beauty goes beyond makeup.

7. Tzuyu

The group’s maknae is also their official visual and it’s easy to see why. Her natural makeup looks serve to highlight her youthful and angelic features.

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Tzuyu also looks stunning without anything on her face at all! This girl has some serious visual powers!

8. Jeongyeon

Jeongyeon also prefers a more muted palette but will sometimes play with her lip color.

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She may look great with a touch of makeup but she looks equally amazing without any on thanks to her flawless skin and sweet features.

9. Mina

Fans can never get enough of Mina. Her visuals are always so on point. Her style, beauty, and toned body have likely given many fans heart attacks. Her makeup tends to reflect her unique style and plays up her gorgeous looks.

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But look out! When she shows off her bare face it can cause all sorts of heart tremors!


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