TWICE Proves They’re ALL Visuals In New Photos For Golfwear Brand Pearly Gates

Who knew golfwear could look this good?

All the TWICE members are incredibly beautiful!

TWICE | @twicetagram/Instagram

TWICE was chosen as the new spokesmodels for the South Korean golf fashion brand, Pearly Gates.

| 파리게이츠/YouTube

TWICE was chosen as the brand’s new spokesmodels for their bright and lively energy.

Let’s take a look at some of TWICE’s first photos for Pearly Gates!

1. We’ll take 1 of everything

TWICE makes these outfits look so good!

2. Pretty and preppy

Tzuyu, Sana, and Nayeon look like the coolest girls on the golf course!

3. We love sporty Mina

We love how the pink accents on Mina’s shoes tie the whole look together! She would definitely be the most fashionable person on the course.

4. They’ve got perfect form

Dahyun and Sana look like total golf pros!

5. We can just tell they’d beat us in golf

Jihyo and Chaeyoung look so pretty and sporty!

6. This outfit is very Chaeyoung

We could totally see her wearing this all the time!

7. Momo makes golfwear look chic

She literally looks amazing in everything!

8. Nayeon’s got the golfwear model pose down

She looks like she’s been modeling for years!

9. Cozy, cute, and comfy

This hoodie looks so comfy, and Momo makes it look so cute!

10. We love this golf ensemble

Dahyun’s outfit would look great on or off the golf course!

11. Who says golf clothes have to be stuffy?

Tzuyu is rocking the heck out of this modern golfwear fit!

12. We were not ready for this visual attack

Mina and Chaeyoung look so good together!

13. God Jihyo makes a great model

She’s basically staring into our souls in this picture!

14. This Sana is unforgettable

Golfwear ad or high fashion editorial? We truly can’t tell!

15. We bet ONCE will set out this “Cheer Up” sweater

Honestly, how fitting is it that Mina would wear a “Cheer Up” sweater during TWICE’s first collab with Pearly Gates?

Bonus: OT9

While Jeongyeon wasn’t pictured in the first set of Pearly Gates photos, fans edited her into the photos to make OT9 photos. She looks just as gorgeous as the other members, and we can’t wait to see her included in later Pearly Gates ads!