If TWICE Were Sailor Moon Characters This Is Who They Would Be

TWICE and Sailor Moon are two groups of girls with a lot of things in common. They both have incredibly beautiful and talented members – and they’re super popular! 

If the TWICE members became sailor scouts, here’s who they’d be!

Nayeon – Sailor Mars

Nayeon is a very traditional beauty, much like Sailor Mars. Like Sailor Mars, Nayeon is also the embodiment of fire and passion!


Jeongyeon – Sailor Uranus

Like Sailor Uranus, Jeongyeon dependable and takes care of her members. The two also look great in short, brown hair!


Momo – Sailor Jupiter 

Sailor Jupiter is a really powerful fighter, and Momo is just as powerful with her dance moves! Both of them are extremely fit and athletic, and Momo has even dressed up as Sailor Jupiter before!


Sana – Sailor Venus

Sana is a perfect doppelgänger for Sailor Venus! Not only does she match Sailor Venus’s appearance, but her popularity is just as sky-high as well!


Jihyo – Sailor Moon

Both Jihyo and Sailor Moon are the leaders of their respective groups, and they both show a lot of love, compassion, and understanding. Jihyo does the best to take care of those she loves, and just about everyone loves her!


Mina – Sailor Pluto 

Like Sailor Pluto, Mina gives off a dark and mysterious aura at first. Both girls are mature and serious, but can also serve as the most loyal friends you can imagine. 


Dahyun – Sailor Chibi Moon

Even though Dahyun isn’t TWICE’s maknae, she’s often treated like the group’s baby. Even though she’s treated like a baby sometimes, she’s proved to quite mature and wise for her age. 


Chaeyoung – Sailor Mercury

Like Sailor Mercury, Chaeyoung is quite a bookworm. Both intelligent (and romantic at heart!), they’d be the best of friends if they ever met!


Tzuyu – Sailor Neptune

Both Tzuyu and Sailor Neptune are icons of elegance! Tzuyu rocks green just as well as Sailor Neptune, and she even plays a classical string instrument too!


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