TWICE’s Sana Is The Perfect Real-Life Version Of These 9 Disney Princesses

“More & More” Era gave us so many Princess Sana looks.

TWICE‘s Sana is gorgeous and has the most adorable personality, and with her talent, looks, and heart, she gives Disney princesses a run for their money. Here are 9 Disney princesses she perfectly embodied and even brought to the next level.

1. Ariel

With a sweet voice and luscious red hair, Sana has everyone falling in love.

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2. Belle

A true beauty deserves all the roses in the world.

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3. Cinderella

Sana’s dancing ability is even more enchanting than Cinderella’s.


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♬ Doughnut (TikTok ver.) – TWICE


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♬ Goodbye (feat. Lyse) [Slow Version] – Feder

4. Jasmine

There’s nothing more alluring than a red outfit and a high ponytail.

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5. Elsa

Sana exudes the gentle but strong aura of a queen.

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6. Merida

Sana’s gaze pierces straight through the heart.


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7. Snow White

Sana doesn’t need ebony hair to be the perfect Snow White.

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8. Rapunzel

Rapunzel and Sana have sweet and goofy personalities and can befriend all animals.


9. Sleeping Beauty

Sana’s favorite Disney quote is from Sleeping Beauty: “If brushed, it’s meant to be. When permeated, it’s called love.”

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