10+ Times TWICE’s Sana Looked Drop-Dead Gorgeous In Glasses

We’ll never be over #7!

TWICE‘s Sana is unbelievably gorgeous!

TWICE’s Sana | @twicetagram/Instagram

Although Sana’s always gorgeous, she looks especially pretty in glasses. Here are 10+ times Sana wowed us with her visuals in glasses!

1. She is the moment

Sana looks like the cool girlfriend of everyone’s dreams in her Thrasher hoodie and glasses!

2. “Scientist” was a win for Glasses Sana enthusiasts

This era was everything!

3. The stickers on her face really complete this look

Her cute heart stickers call even more attention to her adorable round glasses!

4. We’re always thinking about this candid photo

She looks positively adorable here!

5. Obsessed with this headband and glasses combo

We love her Apeach headband!

6. This fancam will forever be iconic

Sana’s natural beauty is so stunning!

7. Pretty and professional

This Sana looks like she means business!

8. We need more TDOONG High School

This TIME TO TWICE series was full of iconic glasses looks and funny moments!

9. She’s single-handedly bringing monocles back in style

Technically, this isn’t a pair of glasses, but this monocle look is too good to not be included!

10. This live stream was full of memorable moments

Remember when she got excited that a ONCE said she looked like Harry Potter?

11. Her smile is so pretty

Sana looks so gorgeous here!