10+ Times TWICE’s Sana Made It Impossible To Move On From Her

Can’t get over #8!

TWICE‘s princess Sana is a human being that we don’t deserve. There are many new idols who debut each year, but Sana is one that we won’t ever get over!

TWICE’s Sana | @XWd8s/Twitter

It isn’t just her beauty that makes it impossible to move on from her but also her innate grace, optimism, and kindness. Check out 10+ times we couldn’t get over her below!

| @TWICE___Naochan/Twitter

1. Her beautiful voice

Sana blesses fans with her angelic voice whenever the group releases a new track, but it really shines when she uploads solo covers.

Although short, her cover of Kobukuro‘s “Graduation” is incredibly sweet and calming. If you have yet to listen to it, check it out below!

2. Her nose scrunch

Sana’s little nose scrunch is just too adorable. It’s impossible to just watch it once!

3. Her excited pose

Whenever Sana gets excited, we can’t help but feel it too.

4. Her arm movement

Talk about hot! We totally see fans replaying this gif one too many times.

5. Her giggle

Happy Sana = happy us, simple as that.

6. Her glare

Sana can glare at us as much as she wants and we’d thank her.

7. Her pout

She’s cute, and that’s a fact.

8. Her gradual smile

Honestly, just wow. How can anyone be this beautiful?

9. Her nibbling

The way she nibbles then proceeds to smile is addicting!

10. Her dance skills

Not only can Sana sing, she has no problems dancing. She was truly born to be an idol.

11. Her positivity

Last but not the least, Sana’s optimism is one of the best things about her. She instantly brightens up a room with her genuine smile and energy.