10 Times TWICE’s Sana And Mina Stunned With Their Breathtaking Pictures Together

#2 is unbelievably beautiful 😍

TWICE‘s Sana and Mina are stealing hearts left and right with their stunning beauty, capable skills, and lovable personalities. When they’re with each other, they’re a force to be reckoned with! Make your day brighter by viewing their pictures together.

Check out some of their most beautiful ones below!

1. When they wrapped their arms and legs around each other

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These best friends aren’t shy to show each other some love through skinship!

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| @twicetagram/Instagram

2. When Sana leaned on Mina’s back

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Whether it’s literally or figuratively, they know that they can always lean on each other.

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3. When they posed with a stuffed toy

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There are three cuties in this picture!

4. When they basked in the sunshine

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The combination of the sunlight, surrounding nature, and of course, their beauty, give this picture an ethereal vibe.

5. When they puckered their lips

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The word “beautiful” isn’t enough to describe how stunning they are inside and out.

6. When Sana backhugged Mina

It’s adorable how close they obviously are to each other!

7. When Sana poked Mina’s cheek

Like true friends, they aren’t afraid to poke fun at each other.

8. When they took a selfie together

Both look absolutely lovely, and their headpieces make them appear more youthful and playful!

9. When they leaned their heads on each other

Their expressions accurately capture the essence of their friendship.

10. When they tightly embraced

Last but certainly not the least, this picture shows the genuine love that they have for each other!

Sana and Mina truly are friendship goals.

Source: Instagram