10 Times TWICE’s Sana Proved To Haters She Has The Most Beautiful Vocals

This is undeniable talent ๐Ÿ‘

TWICE‘s Sana was recently attacked online by anti-fans who claimed she can’t sing, so Twitter fans of the group came together to prove them wrong.

TWICE’s Sana

They shared some of her best live performances, and they’re irrefutable proof that she has the most angelic vocals! Check them out below.

1. “Alcohol-Free”

Like the song “Alcohol-Free,” Sana’s vocals are refreshing and unforgettable.

2. “Cry For Me” English Version

TWICE’s songs are usually written in Korean and Japanese, so hearing Sana sing in English is a rare opportunity to behold.

3. “Cry For Me” Korean Version

Of course, her vocals in the original song are just as good!

4. “First Time”

This live performance unveiled Sana’s pure, melodic voice like no other.

5. “Feel Special”

The slightly modified version of Sana’s part in “Feel Special” is so soothing to the ears.

6. Fan Meeting

Sana’s vocals in this fan meeting didn’t disappoint from start to finish.

7. Live Performances Mix

There isn’t a single moment in all of these performances that Sana didn’t do well in.

8. “Yes Or Yes”

Not only can Sana land a stable note with ease, she can do so while dancing! Incredible, truly.

9. “Hospital Playlist 2” OST

Angels probably sound like Sana.

10. “Sotsugyou” (Kobukuro Cover)

Last but not the least, Sana’s crystal clear vocals are best listened to in this dreamy song.

Listen to Sana’s beautiful raw vocals in the full song below!