7 Random Facts About TWICE’s Sana That You Might Not Have Known

Where does she stand on the mint chocolate debate??

Sana is one of the vocalists in the highly successful K-Pop group TWICE, known for her adorable charms and pretty visuals. She’s also one of the three Japanese members of the group, which meant she had to go through a huge cultural shift in order to join the K-Pop industry!

However, she suits the idol life well, and is a very talented singer and performer. Sana went viral early on in TWICE’s career for her iconic “shy shy shy” line in their song “Cheer Up”, making her one of the most recognizable members from that point on! Whether you’re already a fan of this TWICE member or want to get to know more about her, here are 7 facts that you should find interesting.

1. She has a unique family trait among all the TWICE members.

Interestingly, Sana is the only member of TWICE that’s an only child! Despite growing up without siblings, though, she definitely seems to have fit in well with the other members of TWICE like a family.

2. She also has an unusual habit.

Sana is a person that sleepwalks a lot! It’s said that during these sleepwalking instances, sometimes she wakes her groupmates up or even opens a bottle of water, all with her eyes open despite still being asleep.

3. She has given the other TWICE members cute nicknames.

Sana enjoys giving her fellow members nicknames that she thinks suits them well! Some of these include the popular “raccoon” nickname for Momo, and “penguin” for Mina!

4. Her MBTI personality is unique among TWICE members.

Interestingly, nearly all of TWICE’s members have introverted personalities when it comes to MBTI. However, Sana is the singular member who has an extroverted personality, with hers being ENFP! This is the “Campaigner” personality type, who tend to have big, vibrant energy and are true free spirits. This definitely seems to suit her well!

5. She has a particular interest in collecting something.

Sana enjoys shopping, especially when it comes to perfumes. In fact, she collects them, and has even included it among 3 things she would take with her to a deserted island! She tends to use a different perfume each day, though she seems to enjoy rose scents the most.

6. She played a special part in TWICE’s new album.

For TWICE’s Eyes Wide Open album, Sana has said that her favorite song on the album is “Do What We Like”. This is actually because she wrote the lyrics for the song all by herself! Therefore, it has an especially deep meaning for her.

7. She has a lot of interesting food preferences.

Sana has a very wide-ranging palate, and enjoys spicy, salty, and sweet things. She often buys chocolate when she goes to the convenience store, and she also frequently buys microwaved dumplings and sesame ramen there as well! Her favorite fruit is raspberries, and she also loves yogurt smoothies and her favorite Baskin-Robbins ice cream flavor is called “Gone with the Wind”. When it comes to mint chocolate, she does like it, but it’s not her favorite. However, she can’t stand eggplants and beans!

Hopefully you learned something new about Sana today!

Source: Doyouram


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