10+ Photos Of TWICE Sana’s Sexy Casual Fashion

What a fashion icon!

While all of TWICE are gorgeous ladies, we have to give a special shoutout to Sana for her sexy casual fashion!

Sana just seems to embody the classic “I don’t know how I look this gorgeous, I totally just threw something on” look that comes with those who embrace sexy casual fashion.

Here are some of our favorite sexy casual looks that Sana pulls off:

1. The “Sorority Girl Heading to A Seasonal Sisterhood Event” Look

2. The “Young, Hip Socialite Ready To Party With The Cast of Gossip Girl” Look

3. The “Sweet, Sassy, Sexy Punk Rock Princess” Look

4. The “Sexy Sailor” Look

5. The “Sexy Mermaid” Look

6. The “80’s Workout Queen” Look

Bonus: The “Sexy Hermione Granger” Look



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