TWICE Sana’s TMI? There’s No Such Thing As Too Much TWICE!

Sana is such a cutie.

On January 22 KST, TWICE’s official YouTube channel posted episode 1 of Too Much Twice, revealing Sana’s little TMI session.

The video was recorded during the 2019 Gayo Daejun while the group was backstage getting ready for their performance.

Sana, being the cute little talker that she is, continued to talk to the camera about anything and everything.


TMI #1: Outfit Change


TMI #2: Talking about food (Part 1)


TMI #3: Talking about food (Part 2)


TMI #4: New Clothes


TMI #5: Member’s thoughts on Sana’s new hair


TMI #6: Feeling proud after helping a member


TMI #7: Dancing Diva


But ONCEs all know that there’s no such thing as too much Sana! We got you Sana!