Here’s All We Know About The 10 Siblings Of TWICE

Only one member is an only child!

TWICE is set to release their first all-English single this Friday, on October 1, called “The Feels”! With all the excitement buzzing about what’s sure to be a great comeback, fans might be curious to learn some facts about the members that they haven’t yet learned. If you want to know more about their siblings, this is the place to be! Here’s all we know about the 10 siblings of TWICE’s members.

1. Nayeon

Nayeon is one of two members that has a younger sister! Her name is Seoyeon, and while not a lot more is known about her, she graduated in 2017 and Nayeon attended the ceremony. She’s also three years younger than Nayeon!

2. Jeongyeon

Jeongyeon is one of the two members of TWICE who has two siblings: Two older sisters! And talent must run in their family, because her eldest sister, Gong Seung Yeon, is actually a famous actress! Some of the K-Dramas she has been in include Six Flying DragonsIntrovert Boss, and My Lovely Girl.

Seung Yeon actually trained under SM Entertainment for 7 years after she won a “Best Looks” contest in 2005. However, she ended up leaving the company in 2012 after losing interest in singing. She gained more attention when she was paired with actor Lee Jong Hyun in the show We Got Married in 2015, and her acting career took off from there!

Her other older sister, whose name is Seoyeon, doesn’t have a career in the entertainment business, but there’s no doubt that all three siblings were born with blessed visuals!

3. Momo

Momo has arguably one of the most well-known siblings among TWICE’s members: Her older sister, Hana!

Hana is two years older than Momo, but the two of them are extremely close, and they both auditioned for JYP Entertainment. Unfortunately, even though both of them are talented dancers, only Momo passed them.

Hana doesn’t seem to hold any resentments, though, and is a successful and popular dancer in her own right in Japan! She has also shown nothing but support for Momo in her K-Pop career.

She’s even done covers of some of TWICE’s dances!

4. Sana

Sana is the only member of TWICE that’s an only child!

5. Jihyo

Jihyo is the other member of TWICE that has two siblings: Two younger sisters! Their names are Seoyeon (can you believe three TWICE members have a sister named Seoyeon??) and Jiyoung. While not a lot is known about them, they’re said to be very close and very supportive of Jihyo’s career, and she also surprised their classmates by attending Seoyeon’s graduation!

6. Mina

Mina is one of three of TWICE’s members with an older brother named Kai! When photos of him emerged a couple years ago, they went fairly viral due to their differences in appearance, with Mina small and petite and Kai very strong and rugged-looking.

While he might look a little intimidating, especially dressed in an American football uniform (which he is said to enjoy playing), fans also think he might be a sweetheart due to his cute smile!

7. Dahyun

Like Mina, Dahyun also has an older brother. His name is Myungsoo, and though he seems to keep a relatively low profile, he did appear on an episode of Real Men with Dahyun, where the two showed off their cute and playful relationship.

8. Chaeyoung

Chaeyoung is the only member of TWICE that has a younger brother!

His name is Jeonghun, and the two siblings seem to share a close bond, with Chaeyoung attending her brother’s graduation ceremony, and him attending TWICELAND to support her as well.

He’s also an aspiring model! And thanks to the good genes that they both received from their parents, it wouldn’t be surprising if he became very successful.

9. Tzuyu

And finally, Tzuyu is the last member that has an older brother.

Not even his name is known, as he seems to want to keep his life private, and though the two were supposed to be on the show We Are Siblings back in 2016, they decided against it.