4 Facts That Prove TWICE Tzuyu’s Family Is Extremely Wealthy

Her family has both the looks and the money.

On a new episode of Rumor Has It, the hosts introduced an idol who didn’t necessarily have to become a popular idol to live a life of luxury: TWICE‘s Tzuyu. Here are 4 facts about Tzuyu’s family that prove they are extremely wealthy:


1. Her parents had a successful night market business

Tzuyu’s parents were already successful in a large night market business long before Tzuyu’s debut.


2. Her parents invested approximately $1.77 million USD in 3 hospitals in Taiwan


3. Her mother holds a managerial position at her plastic surgery hospitals

After their night market business took off, they began a business in the plastic surgery market. Tzuyu’s father is also working with her mother in the business.


4. Her mother runs successful cafes as well

Tzuyu’s mother opened the 2nd branch of her cafe and both cafes are reportedly very successful.


With beauty, intelligence and even money, it seems like Tzuyu and her family have it all!

Source: Naver TV


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