10+ Times TWICE’s Tzuyu Looked Drop-Dead Gorgeous In Glasses

We can’t stop thinking about #7!

TWICE‘s Tzuyu always serves top-tier visuals!

TWICE’s Tzuyu | @twicetagram/Instagram

While Tzuyu never fails to impress with her beauty, we absolutely love seeing her in glasses. Here are 10+ times she blew us away with her gorgeous visuals in glasses!

1. We have no choice but to stan “Scientist” Tzuyu

This look was the most scientific serve ever!

2. Bucket hat beauty

She looks so cute in her yellow sweater, bucket hat, and glasses!

3. Round glasses really suit her

Round frames complement Tzuyu’s face shape really well!

4. Square frames suit her just as much

Tzuyu can truly pull anything off!

5. The loveliest lobster

Tzuyu was still as beautiful as ever when she wore a lobster hat while filming a mukbang with Momo!

6. Her gaze is so powerful

Tzuyu’s glasses make her intense stare even more magnetizing!

7. Her visuals are out of this world

This picture of Tzuyu in glasses is beyond beautiful!

8. Forever thinking about this selfie

This picture is yet more proof that round glasses look great on Tzuyu!

9. She’s our favorite Harry Potter character

Tzuyu would definitely be the prettiest student at Hogwarts!

10. Her Melody Project was truly a gift

She served major looks and great vocals throughout her entire cover of Taylor Swift‘s “Me!” but this moment is our favorite!

11. Her wink is so adorable

What a cutie!