TWICE’s Tzuyu Selected As Muse For Fashion Brand ZOOC—Here Are Her Prettiest Outfits So Far

Her short hair in #3 though 😍

TWICE‘s Tzuyu is unstoppable! Recently, the “SCIENTIST” singer was chosen to be the muse of ZOOC, a fashion brand that specializes in chic city clothes.

Tzuyu’s delicate yet powerful image was what drew the brand to her. It was an easy decision because she matches the direction that they’re going for.

TWICE’s Tzuyu 

Tzuyu recently modeled for their new spring 2022 campaign, where she wore the prettiest outfits. Check them out below!

1. This matching set

First up is this black and white matching set. Tzuyu wore a cropped shirt beneath her blazer and styled her hair in a ponytail. It’s office ready for the modern-day woman!

2. This V-neck dress

Next, Tzuyu wore a gorgeous V-neck dress with an A-line cut. The most eye-catching part, however, is the lacy white turtleneck. It’s a feminine way to style a dress during cold days.

3. This beige coat

Now this is perfection. Yes, the coat is beautiful, but not more than Tzuyu herself! Plus, her short hair suits her so well.

4. This cropped cardigan

Last but not the least, this outfit screams “pretty.” The cream cardigan was paired with a cropped shirt, high waisted skirt, and micro bag. Tzuyu clearly looks amazing in it!

Source: KDF News