10+ Times TWICE’s Tzuyu Was Too Beautiful To Be True In Taylor Swift’s “ME!” Cover

Her visuals are insane in #4!

TWICE‘s Tzuyu surprised fans with her newly-released Melody Project video. She covered Taylor Swift‘s 2019 hit song “ME!” alongside Stray KidsBang Chan.

From their melodic voices to the quality of the music video, there were many praise-worthy things about it. Of course, we can’t not talk about Tzuyu’s visuals!

TWICE’s Tzuyu | TWICE//YouTube

Here are 10+ best scenes from her cover!

1. The Girl That Everyone Loves

First up, when she sang the line, “You’re the kind of guy that ladies want,” we couldn’t help but think the same of Tzuyu—everyone loves her!

2. Mirrors

Her reflection alone is gorgeous enough to make our hearts stop.

3. Glasses

Tzuyu in glasses is a look we need more of!

4. Like A Boss

With her white suit, she showed a more mature side of herself that we love.

5. Summer

She’s like the girl next door of our dreams in her summer dress.

6. Physique

At a tall height of 5’6″ in (172 cm), it’s no wonder her physique is so enviable. Her legs go on forever!

7. Hair

The wind effect on her hair is everything.

8. Model

She struts into the room like the model she is.

9. Gaze

There are few people who can stare straight into Tzuyu’s eyes and not get star-struck.

10. Smile

She’s positively glowing in the Ferris wheel scenes!

11. Inside A Limo

She looks every inch the celebrity that she is.

12. Partying It Up

And finally, a happy Tzuyu is the most beautiful one there is!

No matter where in the music video you pause, Tzuyu will always be stunning!

| TWICE//YouTube

Check out her cover of “ME!” below.

Source: YouTube