TWICE’s Cutest Concept Is All Thanks To Nayeon And Jeongyeon

TWICE knows how to be cute, but their cutest concept is thanks to these two members and their personalities!

While the TWICE members can nail any concept, whether cute, sexy or tough, one of their cutest concepts is Nayeon and Jeongyeon‘s “matnae” personalities – the fact that these two are the oldest of the group, but act like they’re the babies! While Nayeon is well known for being the “matnae” (someone who has all the traits of a youngest baby member, but is actually the oldest), Jeongyeon actually rivals her in acting like one of the youngest! Check out some times they lived up to the “matnae” nickname!


1. When the members were challenged to be babies, and Jeongyeon and Nayeon gave it their all.


2. When Jeongyeon poked Momo while she was dancing for no reason.


3. When Jeongyeon interrupted Nayeon by shooting bubbles at her, and then chased her around with the gun.


4. When Jihyo squeezed Jeongyeon’s cheeks like a baby’s.


5. When Jeongyeon stole Nayeon’s toy.


6. When Jeongyeon was babied by Sana at ISAC.


7. When Jeongyeon responded like this to a fan’s request to “pose prettily”.


8. When Nayeon cheered cutely at ISAC.


9. When Nayeon interrupted Jeongyeon in the middle of being cute.


10. When Nayeon pointed to her pout with a big pink foam finger.


11. When the members dressed Nayeon up as the baby we all know she is.



12. When Jeongyeon pouted cutely into a plushy while wearing a lion head.


13. When Nayeon hid behind the table of snacks.