TWICE’s Dahyun Reveals 16 Secrets Of Her Personality, From Mood Swings To Getting Hurt By Haters

Even the most dedicated ONCEs didn’t know all this.

Recently, all the TWICE members have been taking the MBTI personality test on TWICE TV. This week, it was Dahyun’s turn, and she revealed so many personality secrets ONCEs never knew before—from her mood swings to how hurt she gets by what others say.

1. She has major mood swings

While some people’s moods stay fairly consistent from day to day, Dahyun says she’s not like that at all. When she wakes up, she’s grumpy. Then, when she eats something delicious during the day, she becomes super happy. But if she receives bad news, her mood will drop instantly. And even so, if she was to receive a compliment afterwards, Dahyun said her mood would become happy again.

2. She likes to have all the facts

Dahyun revealed that gets curious about something, she always looks it up online or asks someone about it first instead of acting on it right away.

3. She’s unapologetic about who she is

Dahyun said she doesn’t feel the need to justify herself to others. Everyone in the world is different, so all that matters to her is that she’s sure of herself.

4. She loves attention

As a celebrity, Dahyun says she loves receiving attention—particularly the love and care she gets from her fans.

5. She likes a mix of planning and spontaneity

When Dahyun takes a trip, she says she doesn’t plan too thoroughly. She likes to make a rough outline, but she definitely doesn’t plan right down to the hour.

6. In an argument, the most important thing to her is the truth

Even if someone becomes sensitive during a debate or argument, Dahyun says the truth is the most important thing. Honesty, sincerity, and humility are three major values she lives by.

7. She gets lost in her thoughts when she’s in nature

Dahyun said that she finds nature beautiful, especially the sky. So, when she’s taking a walk, she tends to fall into deep thoughts.

8. She has a quiet side

You may see Dahyun as one of TWICE’s brightest and bubbliest personalities, but Dahyun says she does have an introverted and quiet side. In fact, the MBTI test revealed she’s 49% extroverted and 51% introverted—a near-even split.

9. She listens to her head more than her heart

When asked if she tends to think logically about making important decisions, Dahyun agreed. However, she did concede that sometimes it’s good to listen to your heart too.

10. She gets so many energy from spending time with her members

Dahyun says that when two people meet, a lot of energy is made. So after spending time with her members, she still has plenty of energy left.

11. She’s super organized

Dahyun revealed that she never leaves her things out of place.

12. She’s a perfectionist

When Dahyun is MC-ing or speaking at an awards ceremony, she says she’s very meticulous, preparing for it a lot.

13. She goes with what the majority think

When the TWICE members need to make a decision, Dahyun is okay with following what the majority of members think. Instead of feeling bad or getting angry about her opinion not being accepted, she accepts that there must be a reason for it.

14. She loves talking one-on-one

While some people find one-on-one conversations to be too much pressure, Dahyun finds them calm and comfortable—particularly if there’s a lot of commotion around.

15. She likes familiarity

Dahyun admitted that while she can buy what she needs during her travels, she prefers to take a lot of luggage with her so she can continue using the things she’s used to.

16. She gets hurt by what others think

Dahyun revealed that she gets more hurt by other people’s words than you’d think. Even if the person who says mean words to her wasn’t think, Dahyun tends to overthink it herself. However, she does try to let things go to avoid hurting herself too much.

Watch the full video of Dahyun’s MBTI test her: