How TWICE’s Hair & Makeup Has Evolved Through Every Era, From Debut Until Now

Bubblegum pink lipstick and space buns are two of their style staples.

As TWICE’s music and concepts have gradually evolved, so have their hairstyles and makeup looks. Here’s how their style has evolved through every era, from “Like Ooh-Ahh” to “Feel Special”.

1. “Like Ooh-Ahh” (2015)

Red was the feature color in “Like Ooh-Ahh”, giving fans a bold introduction to TWICE. Jihyo and Mina sported full red dye-jobs while Dahyun had red streaks in her hair.

Alongside red clothes and red hair, the members also sported red lipstick to match. The makeup looks were completed with muted red eyeshadow.

2. “Cheer Up” (2016)

Cutesy “Cheer Up” was a complete change from “Like Ooh-Ahh” in both sound and beauty. The styles in the music video were inspired by movies and TV. Sana, for example, served Sailor Moon vibes with space buns and bubblegum-pink lip makeup.

As another example, Chaeyoung’s cherry-red hair and winged eyeshadow represented a movie called The Great Train Robbery.

3. “TT” (2016)

Given that “TT”’s concept was Halloween, all the looks in this music video were based on various costumes. The horror theme allowed TWICE to try out some unusually dark make-up, such as Tzuyu’s burgundy eyeshadow and red lips.

Nayeon, Sana, and Jeongyeon all went for short hairstyles this era.

4. “Knock Knock” (2017)

TWICE started off their 2017 string of releases with sleepover themed “Knock Knock”. To match the concept, they went with casual, girl-next-door styles. Their makeup was more of a no-makeup look.

As for hair, the stylists spiced up neutral hair colors with cute styles like space buns and curls.

5. “Signal” (2017)

“Signal”’s makeup and hair concept was full-retro, which different members rocking styles from different eras. One of Nayeon’s hairstyles was reminiscent of 1940s victory rolls.

Jihyo, on the other hand, looked fresh from the 60s with a headband.

6. “Likey” (2017)

Remember when wispy “see-through” bangs were all the rage? Most of the TWICE members carried them off perfectly in “Likey”. Other members sported colorful hair accessories.

Just like in the lyrics (“BB Cream pa-pa-pa, lipstick ma-ma-ma”), the members kept their makeup simple with fresh faces and a touch of lip tint.

7. “Heart Shaker” (2017)

By “Heart Shaker”, shimmering eyeshadow and pink lips had been cemented as TWICE’s go-to makeup looks.

As for hair, the group once again brought out fun styles like space buns and side ponytails. Flower accessories really made Momo’s buns feel fresh.

8. “What is Love?” (2018)

For the “What is Love?” music video, TWICE went back to a movie theme like that of “Cheer Up”. Their style, however, was different. In terms of makeup, the main standout look was heart-shaped blush.

For hair, Momo’s subtle blue tips were a highlight. Her floral space buns look also made a reappearance, this time on Dahyun.

9. “Dance the Night Away” (2018)

“Dance the Night Away” was all-summer all era. The group sported loose, airy hairstyles that looked perfect for a day at the beach, incorporating flowers once again.

Chaeyoung’s orange dye-job was certainly unforgettable, as was Jeongyeon’s new mid-length hair style.

10. “Yes or Yes” (2018)

Hypnotic colored contact lenses were a major feature in “Yes or Yes”, which also brought attention to the members’ eyeshadow. Pink and peach were the main tones in use, which some members also sporting eye gems.

As for hair, there were many transformations, including Jihyo’s short style and Dahyun’s bright purple ombré.

11. “Fancy” (2019)

“Fancy” marked the biggest shift to date in TWICE’s concept and style. To create the transition between cute and mature, the makeup artist blended the group’s signature pink and peach tones with striking holographic eyeshadow and highlighter. The members also had sharp, thin eyeliner.

Momo’s blunt bangs, Chaeyoung’s bob, and Jeongyeon’s long hair all made a major mature impression.

12. “Feel Special” (2019)

The music video for “Feel Special” was literally glowing, and that was reflected in TWICE’s makeup too. The “glass skin” was achieved with dewy makeup like highlighter, and chunky glitter was used to make the members really sparkle.

Waves were one of the go-to hairstyles, from Sana’s wet-looked waves (which looked amazing with her pink-blonde hair) to Tzuyu’s full-bodied waves.