8 Gorgeous Stage Outfits That TWICE’s Nayeon Slayed

It’s Nayeon’s world and we’re all living in it!

Stage outfits are a statement and showcase a concept an idol is going for. It is something that K-Pop fans look closely at and look forward to.

TWICE‘s Nayeon is known to have amazing stage outfits, whether it may be in a concert, at a music show, or in an award show.

Here are some of Nayeon’s best stage outfits!

1. Silky purple!

Nayeon looks absolutely gorgeous in this silk top and bottom pair! The color suits her very well and the outfit really flatters her body shape.

2. Sexy in a suit!

Not everyone can carry a suit, but Nayeon surely can! She looks sexy and mature in this suit!

3. It’s all in the details!

Nayeon is wearing a white dress with lots of silver detailing which make her outfit more stylish. It also gives her whole look a bit more shimmer!

4. Highlight the waist!

Nayeon’s slim waist is emphasized by this belt that highlights her great figure! Nayeon looks cool and great in this stage outfit!

5. Plain and elegant!

Nayeon proves her versatility when it comes to fashion in this plain baby blue outfit she wore. She was also wearing a pearl studded choker adding more elegance to her outfit.

6. All white!

Nayeon sports an all white look and accessorizes with a cowboy hat to help her get in the concept the group was going for.

7. Play with mesh!

Nayeon looks gorgeous in this mesh and sequin styled outfit! The whole thing looks like it was made to be worn by her and her only.

8. Bold in red!

Nayeon looks bold in this dark red colored outfit! She looks great in the color and the dress fits her so well!