TWICE’s Nayeon Reveals What An Ideal Day In Her Life Would Look Like…And It’s Very Relatable

Very little human interactions.

K-Pop idols can have some busy schedules, whether it be due to practice, flights, concerts, etc. TWICE is no exception to this and are constantly busy with their schedules.

Nayeon sat down with Dicon to discuss what an “ideal” day would like for herself. Her overall day is pretty much centered around just laying around and moving as little as possible.

1. Sleep

The majority of Nayeon’s day is focused on getting a lot of sleep.

2. Staying in bed

After waking up, Nayeon would prefer to just stay in bed for a while.

3. Food

Once Nayeon gets up from bed, she would go eat some food, in this case, she chose hotpot.

4. Watching T.V.

Nayeon would then prefer to just lie down and watch some T.V.

5. Washing up

Once the day is nearly over, Nayeon would start to take a shower and clean up her house.

6. Phone

Nayeon would conclude her day by just using her phone for a couple of hours.

It seems that Nayeon would have a very casual ideal day off.

Watch the full video below!