Here Are Twitter’s Top 10 Fasted Rising K-Pop Accounts Of 2019

Here are all the accounts!

On January 14, Twitter released their 2019 statistics on #K-PopTwitter, including the “Most Discussed K-Pop Accounts Worldwide” and the “Fastest Rising K-Pop Accounts Worldwide”. Check out the Top 10 accounts that skyrocketed in popularity last year!


10. (G)I-DLE

@G_I_DLE takes the #10 spot on this list. This powerful girl group has continued to rise in popularity since they debuted in 2018.


They currently have 542K followers.


9. AB6IX

@AB6IX has been rising on Twitter since the group’s debut in May 2019.


They currently have 423K followers.



Girl group extraordinaire ITZY (@ITZYofficial) takes the #8 spot.


They debuted in February 2019 and currently have 1.03M followers.


7. X1

X1 (@x1members) was formed through the survival music show Produce X 101, and they debuted in August 2019. The group was originally intended to be active for five years, but unfortunately, they disbanded in 2020, following the Produce manipulation scandal.


Even so, X1’s fast-rising Twitter account still has one of the highest numbers of followers (1.07M) of any group that debuted last year.



@ATEEZ takes the #6 spot on this list! ATEEZ debuted in 2018, and their popularity continues to grow each year.


They currently have 733K followers.


5. WayV

WayV debuted in 2019, and their Twitter account has been steadily rising ever since!


@WayV_official has 787K followers.


4. Stray Kids

This popular JYP Entertainment boy group debuted in 2017.


@Stray_Kids takes the #4 spot on this list with a current following of 1.86M.


3. TXT

It probably comes as no surprise that Big Hit Entertainment‘s highly anticipated second boy group is on this list!


TXT debuted in March 2019, and they’ve been leaving their mark on the music world ever since. @TXT_members currently has 3.37M followers.


2. SuperM

Coming in at #2 is the all-star boy group SuperM (@superm), who made their debut in October 2019.


SuperM’s super talented members definitely deserve their following of 1M!



BLACKPINK (@ygofficialblink) holds the #1 title for the fastest rising #KpopTwitter account of 2019!


This YG Entertainment girl group debuted in 2016, and with 3.28M followers, they are now one of the hottest K-Pop acts out there.