Here Are 7 Moments From TXT’s 2nd Anniversary Live Broadcast That Sum Them Up Perfectly

Here’s to many more years with these chaotic boys!

Recently, TXT recently did a live broadcast via V Live to celebrate their 2nd anniversary as a group and spend time with their fans, MOA. Naturally, the live quickly devolved into chaos, letting us see TXT’s true personalities that we know and love! Here are 7 moments from the broadcast that truly show off how chaotic these boys can be.

The picture they posted in celebration. | Weverse

1. Beomgyu and Yeonjun fondling Soobin’s biceps.

2. The rest of the members bothering Yeonjun while he’s on the phone with his mother.

3. When you used to what, Soobin…?

(It’s a reference to Yeonjun’s line in the K-Drama Live On!)

4. Soobin and Beomgyu bickering over the cake while Yeonjun watches–then scolds them.

5. Taehyun smacking Beomgyu instead of wiping his face.

6. Taehyun getting icing on the camera.

7. And of course, their chaotic way of eating cake and (actually) wiping each other’s faces.