10 Times TXT Annoyed The Sh*t Out Of Each Other…Out Of Love

Only true friends show their affection like this.

TXT just debuted on March 4, but fans are already falling in love with the members’ hilarious interactions. Here are 10 times TXT showed their love by annoying each other like crazy!


1. When HueningKai took off Soobin’s headband…like this


2. When Beomgyu and Soobin had this “who can bother each other more” contest in the background


3. When the three oldest members ganged up on the maknae to take his dolphin


4. When Beomgyu and HueningKai wouldn’t let Yeonjun sleep


5. When HueningKai threw sand in Beomgyu’s pocket


6. When HueningKai bumped Soobin with his headband


7. When HueningKai pestered Soobin into saying that he was cute


8. When Yeonjun didn’t think twice about sabotaging Soobin during a game


9. When Soobin failed to charm HueningKai with this wink


10. When Yeonjun poke Soobin in the nose