TXT’s Editors Are So Whipped For TXT And Honestly We Are Too

Let’s be real, who wouldn’t be whipped for them?

When you’re constantly absorbing TXT content like the TXT editors and MOA, there is no doubt that you will become whipped for them. I don’t make the rules here. But I do have proof below.

| @TXT_bighit/Twitter

1. Fangirling over Huening Kai

How these editors manage to complete editing a video without being frozen from shock at how cute they are is beyond me. They’re just too cute!

2. Romantic confessions to Taeyhun

You and me both, TXT editor, you and me both…

3. Being struck by Beomgyu’s handsomeness

It’s okay, it happens to the best of us. Beomgyu’s visuals are fatal.

4. Telling it how it is with Yeonjun

Where is the lie?? The TXT editors are clearly big MOAs.

5. Being shook by Soobin’s visuals

If this isn’t enough proof that TXT’s editors are just as whipped for TXT as MOAs are, I don’t know what is.