10+ TXT “Eternally” Theories That Will Change The Way You See The MV

Fans are connecting the dots in TXT’s new music video.

On June 28, TXT released a 19-minute music video that is loaded with clues, references, and hidden meanings. After reading these 10+ mind-blowing fan theories, you won’t see “Eternally” MV the same way again!

1. Time traveler Soobin meeting baby Huening Kai

2. Why TXT needs the magic book

3. The true meaning behind these chilling messages

4. Soobin’s angel

5. Yeonjun’s repentance

6. Connecting the dots

7. TXT saving Wonderland

8. The Big Hit universe colliding

9. This Sixth Sense plot twist

10. Excuse me while I go sob…

11. Yeonjun, destroyer of stadiums?

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