The Members Of TXT Each Reveal Which Of Their Facial Features They Love The Most

They are a stunning group!

The members of TXT are talented and visually stunning! Each member has their own charm and on their recent appearance on Weekly Idol, the members revealed which of their features are their favorite.

1. Hueningkai

TXT’s maknae Hueningkai is definitely a cutie and has unique visuals. For his favorite features, Hueningkai revealed he loves his “Charming eyes, high nose, and pretty lips.

2. Beomgyu

Beomgyu shared he loves his side profile and we can totally agree it’s gorgeous! Beomgyu even showed us how he takes the perfect picture of the side of his face.

3. Soobin

Next up, TXT’s charismatic leader chose his eyes as his favorite facial feature. MOAs can confirm this as it’s hard not to get lost in his eyes.

4. Yeonjun

Everyone is well aware that Yeonjun has the prettiest lips and apparently it’s his favorite facial feature! Yeonjun showed off how pretty his lips are and blew MOAs a kiss!

5. Taehyun

Taehyun shared his favorite facial feature of his is his teeth! His smile is a huge charming point and it always brightens everyone’s day!

Each member has something special about them and together they make an incredibly gorgeous and talented team!

Source: 1stonkpop