Each TXT Member Reveals The Nicknames They Love To Hear Most From Fans

They read ALL the nicknames MOAs call them.

Whether they’re names they’ve come up with themselves or ones chosen by fans, idols can’t escape earning an endearing nickname. During TXT‘s interview with Variety magazine, the group chose which of those nicknames they liked to hear fans call them most.

1. Beomgyu

Before promoting “Can You See Me?” and “PUMA”, MOAs nicknamed Beomgyu as a Teddy Bear. While he liked that name, there’s a new one that’s taken over.

He went from a bear to a fluffy dog, “I think up until our latest release, I’ve always been called teddy bear, but recently our fans have been saying I look like a Maltese.”

Funnily enough, he can see why fans have come up with the nickname for him. He’s starting to see it himself, “I think I’m starting to see it when I wear white clothes too, so I like that nickname as well.”

2. Hueningkai

Unlike Beomgyu’s, Hueningkai‘s nickname wasn’t based on a resemblance to an animal. His favorite is one-of-a-kind: “I like ‘Huening Dwijeok.’ I think it fits with my image well.” What does it mean?

Dwijeok means “to rummage around or fumble.” Since Hueningkai can be adorably clumsy, what better nickname to give him? He thought it was just as fitting, “When I make mistakes, I tend to fumble around a lot. I think it’s a nickname that fits me perfectly.”

3. Yeonjun

A nickname that Yeonjun loved to be called by fans was “fennec fox” for his fox-like appearance. Another name has emerged that he likes just as much because of its personal meaning, “…MoJukMoSal, something I’ve heard more recently.”

Fans have used the bond between them and Yeonjun to create a nickname that hits everyone right in the feels, especially Yeonjun: “It means ‘to die for MOA and live for MOA,’ so I like that nickname.”

4. Soobin

No matter how hard Soobin tried to deny how much fans likened him to a bunny or rabbit, he’s grown to like it. He’s crowned the biggest of them all, “Mine is ‘Giant Rabbit.’ I look like a rabbit and I am tall, so I noticed fans calling me that.”

Besides his height, there’s another reason why Soobin has become fond of the nickname, “I think it’s cute, so I like it.”

5. Taehyun

The always witty Taehyun didn’t have to think twice about the nickname he loved to hear most from fans. It was none other than the straightforward “Director Kang.”

It came from their Music Bank performance last year, where they had everyone shook by how handsome they looked in suits. “Our fans gave me that nickname when I first wore a suit, saying that I looked like a company director.” He certainly looks the part.

Source: Variety