TXT As “Chainsaw Man” Characters, According To Hueningkai

Hueningkai thought Soobin and Pochita were similar.

During TXT‘s fan signing event, one MOA asked Hueningkai to pick which characters from the popular anime Chainsaw Man were similar to the members. Being an anime fan, Hueningkai delivered.

Hueningkai | @TXT_members/Twitter

1. Taehyun — Aki

Because Taehyun doesn’t shy away from sharing his thoughts, Hueningkai chose Aki Hayakawa for his anime equal.


Aki Hayakawa is a Public Safety Devil Hunter who’s levelheaded and straightforward to a fault.

2. Soobin — Pochita

For leader Soobin, who’s always looking out for the members, Hueningkai thought of Pochita.


Pochita is the Chainsaw Devil who sacrificed himself to keep the main character Denji alive, becoming his new heart.

3. Yeonjun — Denji

Hueningkai then chose the main character Denji as the one who matches most with Yeonjun.


After fusing with Pochita, Denji becomes a Public Safety Devil Hunter for his new ability to turn into a devil. He often comes across as childish as he experiences the life he’s only dreamed of.

4. Beomgyu — Makima

For the last member, Hueningkai thought of the character Makima for Beomgyu.


Makima is a high-ranking Public Safety Devil Hunter, one who’s cunning and resourceful.

Source: Twitter