Here Is All We Know About The 6 Siblings Of TXT’s Members

One member is an only child!

TXT is undoubtedly one of the most promising artists of the fourth generation of K-Pop, and the members have already more than made a name for themselves with their music in just the couple of years since they’ve debuted. They’ve built up a large and well-deserved fanbase, and both new and old MOAs might be interested to learn more about their families! Here’s all we know about the six siblings that the members have, some of which are more well-known than others!

1. Yeonjun

Yeonjun is the only member of TXT that is an only child! Fans like to say that the rest of the group are like his younger brothers, though.

2. Soobin

Soobin is one of two members that have two siblings: An older brother and an older sister! His brother is 6 years older than him, while his sister is 10 years older than him, which is a pretty big age gap. Apart from this, he hasn’t seemed to have shared much more about them.

Soobin has joked before that he thinks he looks more like BTOB‘s Minhyuk than he does his own brother, and fans have joined in on the joke by saying that the two must be related!

3. Beomgyu

Beomgyu has one sibling: An older brother! Not much is known about him, but the two seem to have a friendly, playful relationship, as Beomgyu has jokingly roasted his older brother on a number of occasions. There is also a video that has been uploaded that is reportedly of Beomgyu and his older brother playing piano together when they were little!

4. Taehyun

Taehyun also has just one sibling: An older sister! She’s 4 years older than him, though her name isn’t known. She’s apparently a big fan of the group HIGHLIGHT, and her interest in K-Pop might have actually helped Taehyung become a K-Pop idol himself!

When Taehyun’s parents were skeptical about letting Taehyun join BigHit Entertainment as a trainee, his sister was actually the one that helped to convince them to let him give it a chance! In fact, she was the first person that he called, even before his parents, to tell her that he has passed the debut evaluation.

I called my sister because I thought she had really been rooting for me to debut, and now I finally could.

— Taehyun

5. Huening Kai

And finally, Huening Kai has undoubtedly the most well known siblings of any of TXT’s members: An older sister named Lea, and a younger sister named Bahiyyih. Lea was born in January of 2000, making her about two and a half years older than Huening Kai, and Bahiyyih was born in July 2004, making her about two years younger than him.

Lea used to be part of a K-Pop girl group called VIVA, which consisted of four members and debuted in 2017. She was the main dancer, vocalist, and maknae of the group. Unfortunately, they disbanded in 2019, and though she’s no longer an idol, she’s still active on social media and also works as a model! She is also a fan of Stray Kids and BTS, as well as her brother’s group TXT.

She also enjoys acting, and has studied the subject at Induk University. Along with all of this, she also has a YouTube account! She’s definitely a busy and hard-working person, which seems to run in their family!

Bahiyyih is most well-known currently for her participation on the competition show Girls Planet 999. Like her older sister, she has also done some modeling, and while there were rumors that she was going to become a trainee at YG Entertainment, they haven’t been confirmed. Currently, with 18 members left in the competition, Bahiyyih is in 13th place!