10 Things You Might Have Missed In TXT’s “Nap Of A Star” MV

Some of these details are downright creepy.

TXT‘s ode to silent films (and mildly disturbing kids’ shows) is here, and it’s full of spectacular details. Here are 10 that you may have missed in their “Nap of a Star” MV the first time around.

1. This skull-faced figure lurking in the shadows


This figure first appears near the beginning of the MV, right after the members go their separate ways and their clockwork star in the sky breaks.


2. Yeonjun’s birthday is on the clock behind him (September 13 = 9/13)…

clock clock2

3. …but the other clock says “9:00” at the same time



4. This scene that’s straight out of the animated video for TXT’s “Debut Celebration Show” on Mnet.

beautiful2 beautiful

5. These intersecting paths create a star



6. The MV may be making references to the children’s book Where the Wild Things Are

wild1 wildthings2 wild2 wildthings3 wild3 wildthings

7. There are 5 moths/butterflies that flutter around Yeonjun in the woods: one for each TXT member


8. This skeleton arm that mirrors Yeonjun’s own arm


9. Symbols of death and misfortune, such as owls, crows, moths, skeletons, and snakes, are sprinkled throughout the video



10. This skeleton visiting a grave


. . .