These Are The Most Replayed Sections of 10+ TXT Music Videos

Which parts do you like to rewatch?

TXT‘s music videos are cinematic, intense, and usually include stellar choreography. It’s no wonder viewers like rewatching them.

TXT’s Hueningkai, Soobin, Taehyun, Beomgyu, and Yeonjun (left to right) | @TXT_bighit/Twitter

With YouTube’s most replayed feature, you can see exactly which parts viewers can’t get enough of. Here are the most watched parts of 14 TXT videos.

1. “CROWN”

This bright debut music video showcases the group’s sharp choreography and playful mood. The most rewatched clip starts at 1:12.

2. “Cat & Dog”

The most replayed part of this song is near the beginning and features the creativity that is present throughout the choreography. It starts at 0:27 and features an adorable transition from Yeonjun to the group.

3. “Nap Of A Star”

This exceptionally unique video uses symbolism and incredible detail to tell a story. The most rewatched part begins at the 3:03 timestamp and showcases Taehyun with one black eye.

4. “Run Away”

The most replayed part of this video has the group dancing in the sprinklers to fun choreography. It starts at 1:48.

5. “Angel Or Devil”

Hueningkai delivers starting at 0:36 of this video. His dance moves are sharp and clean.

6. “Can’t You See Me?”

The most replayed moment of this video begins at 1:07 and focuses on Soobin‘s sultry over-the-shoulder gaze.

7. “PUMA”

This darker music video includes several iconic moments. Viewers can’t seem to get enough of Beomgyu and Soobin’s partner scene leading to Yeonjun’s rap at 2:13.

8. “Blue Hour”

Though the choreography during this section is simple, it’s easy to see why it’s the most replayed. The clip starts at 1:01 and is composed of perfectly synchronized body rolls.

9. “We Lost The Summer”

Starting at 0:17, the most rewatched clip of this video displays Yeonjun’s fake tattoos and pink hair. Enough said.

10. “0X1=LOVESONG (I Know I Love You)”

Viewers seem to love Taehyun’s raspy voice during the video’s most played part. The section starts at 0:58 and also includes the boys jamming in the car.

11. “Magic”

The most rewatched section of this video begins at 0:37 and uses elements of futuristic technology to create stunning visuals.

12. “LO$ER=LO♡ER”

The angsty vibe of this song is present in the most replayed section of the video. It starts at 0:57 and features Beomgyu’s killer vocals.

13. “Frost”

Starting at 2:33, the most replayed part of this intense music video showcases several visually pleasing moments, including Hueningkai’s unfurling wings.

14. “Good Boy Gone Bad”

The pre-chorus into the chorus makes up the most replayed part of this song. It starts at 0:48 and is totally worthy of the replays.