TXT Reveal Which Members Would Be The Best Boyfriends For Them—If They Were Girls

They know which members are true boyfriend material.

Whenever TXT receives the chance to roast each other or be savagely honest, they never pass it up. After a fan asked each of them which member they would date, if they were a girl, they were just as hilariously straightforward with their responses. Here’s who they chose, or rather didn’t choose, as their imaginary boyfriend.

1. Beomgyu — No One

If you’re quite familiar with Beomgyu, you wouldn’t be surprised by the way he responded to the question. He wouldn’t even think of choosing a member and rejected all of them.

Between knowing the TXT members too well and being super confident in who he is, all Beomgyu needs is himself. Who doesn’t like an independent woman?

When he explained his reasoning, he even had an explanation so long that the fan couldn’t even get it all. That, in itself, says it all right there.

2. Hueningkai — Soobin

Since the four members each have different personalities and vibes, Hueningkai took a long time to think the question through. Even so, he ended up giving the answer that many would expect from him.

He chose none other than Soobin. With the two nicknamed the Gum Duo for always sticking close to each other, there was no other option for Hueningkai. After all, he did say, “Soobin is mine,” for the group’s hilarious self-written sketch.

3. Soobin — Yeonjun

Unfortunately for half of the Gum Duo, Soobin didn’t choose Hueningkai as the top pick for the member he’d date as a girl. Instead, he went with the oldest member and most reliable of them all.

Making sure no one else but the fan heard him, Soobin softly said, “Yeonjun.

4. Taehyun — Himself

Taehyun‘s response to the question had been similar to the one Beomgyu gave. Instead of not picking a member, though, he did indeed choose one. Being the witty and confident guy he is, there was only one member to pick: himself.

To make it funnier, Taehyun didn’t take a long time to think through all the options like Hueningkai. He answered immediately after hearing it.

5. Yeonjun — Beomgyu

When it came time for Yeonjun to pick the member who would be an ideal boyfriend for him, he didn’t return the favor by selecting Soobin. Following his heart, he chose Beomgyu.

While the rest of the members hadn’t given any explanations for their choices, there were two reasons why Beomgyu was his top pick.

Since Beomgyu is always confident regarding his looks, Yeonjun seemed to agree, noting that he was “handsome.” Even so, what mattered most was that Beomgyu “makes [him] very happy.

Source: Twitter