These Are The Songs TXT Wants Fans To Listen To—And Their Playlist Is Definitely Diverse

Hueningkai loves his recommendation!

TXT recently revealed their updated playlist to Weverse Magazine. They each shared the music they want fans to check out, and every track is unique.

Check them out below!

1. Soobin

Yoo Jong Shin (ft. Minseo) – “First”

To begin, Soobin wants fans to listen to “First” by Yoo Jong Shin and Minseo, a sentimental ballad that revolves around the themes of regret and sorrow.

This is a song from Monthly Project 2016 October Yoon Jong Shin that I really love. The lyrics are related to what our new album talks about, so I wanted to introduce it to you.

— Soobin

2. Yeonjun

Hope Tala – “Tiptoeing”

Yeonjun, meanwhile, reminded fans to check out “Tiptoeing” by Hope Tala.

 I already recommended this song to MOA before, but I just think the lyrics are so beautiful. The song itself isn’t all that dynamic, but I feel like it has this amazing power to draw you in.

— Yeonjun

Its push-and-pull lyrics are what he likes the most.

Because there’s a moral to this story but I don’t know it.

Always listen to myself but not this time I guess.

Keep on running from it, when I want it, I do.

— Hope Tala

3. Beomgyu

Hoody – “Hangang”

Beomgyu recommended a feel-good song, “Hangang” by Hoody. Released in August 2017, it refers to the Han River in Seoul that is a popular area for casual hangouts.

I’ve been listening to ‘Hangang’ by Hoody a lot lately. It’s a perfect fit for those good-weather days when it’s nice to take a walk or a drive. Even if you can’t visit Hangang River in person, this song can give you the feeling of taking a walk by the River on a leisurely day.

— Beomgyu

4. Taehyun

The Police – “Every Breath You Take”

Taehyun loves “Every Breath You Take,” the signature song of English rock band The Police. Released in 1983, it shows how he enjoys even the older kinds of music.

If you like rock music, you have to listen to this. It feels like an old classic.

— Taehyun

5. Hueningkai

Etham – “Purpose (Stripped)”

Maknae Hueningkai wants fans to check out the stripped version of Etham‘s “Purpose.” This emotional ballad was released in March 2019 and it is his favorite song to play prior to sleeping.

I’m recommending this song because I like everything about it, from the guitar, to the lyrics, to the melody. It’s great to listen to before bed.

— Hueningkai

6. TXT’s Recommendation

“Good Boy Gone Bad” and “Trust Fund Baby”

Finally, TXT hopes everyone will check out their latest releases, title track “Good Boy Gone Bad” and B-Side ballad “Trust Fund Baby.” On the former, Yeonjun expressed the group’s excitement at releasing a song that is different than their usual.

It was really refreshing to try and express breaking up through anger rather than sadness. I think MOA will find we’re different this time around compared to the feeling they’re used to from our group.

— Yeonjun

Hueningkai added that “Trust Fund Baby” is a track that MOAs will be able to relate to thanks to its lyrics.

 I’m guessing a lot of people will relate to this song when they hear it! It’s a great song. It’s all about things that so many people would have experienced, from the title to every single line of the lyrics, and the melody is just as lyrical.

— Hueningkai

Source: Weverse Magazine