5 Things We’ll Miss About “Music Bank” MC Pair TXT’s Soobin & OH MY GIRL’s Arin

Soobin and Arin just had their last show as MC Akong and we miss them already 🥺

Much to the dismay of MOAs and Miracles, TXT‘s Soobin and OH MY GIRL‘s Arin finished their last ever broadcast as MCs for KBS‘s Music Bank this week. Known as “MC Akong”—a combination of Arin and the Korean word for “bean” to represent Soobin—the pair have been delighting viewers since they first joined the music show over a year ago. With former IZ*ONE member Jang Wonyoung and ENHYPEN‘s Sunghoon taking over the show from next week onwards, here’s what we’ll miss most about Soobin and Arin.

1. Their performances

If we had to choose just one thing we’ll miss about MC Soobin and Arin, it would have to be their performances together. With each and every special stage, the pair wowed fans with their impressive singing and dancing talents. To date, their performance of OH MY GIRL’s “Dolphin” together has a staggering 27 million views on YouTube.

Other iconic performances they gave us include TXT’s “9 and Three Quarters (Run Away)”…

… and Humming Urban Stereo‘s “Hawaiian Couple.”

2. Their matching style

Soobin and Arin’s visuals are already out of this world, but their matching outfits on the show made them look even more adorable together. Sometimes, they wore cute matching uniforms, like these pilot outfits.

OH MY GIRL’s Arin and TXT’s Soobin | @KBCMusicBank/Twitter

Other times, they donned costumes, like these Alice in Wonderland-themed looks.

| @KBCMusicBank/Twitter

And they even gave us the most precious hanbok looks for Chuseok last year.

| @KBCMusicBank/Twitter

3. Their selcas

On that note, MC Akong’s selfies together were always perfect, no matter what they were wearing. Need a reminder? Try not to swoon while scrolling through this visual explosion…

| @KBCMusicBank/Twitter


| @KBCMusicBank/Twitter


| @KBCMusicBank/Twitter


| @KBCMusicBank/Twitter


4. Their interview skills

Interview skills are the most important quality any music show MC needs to have, and there’s no doubt that Soobin and Arin were great at their job. From cracking us up while dancing with Jessi

… to their warm and insightful interview with SHINee‘s Key during their last broadcast together…

… MC Akong made every interview a blast to watch, whether you were a fan of the artist in question or not.

5. Their bond

And last but certainly not least, Soobin and Arin’s adorable bond together will never be forgotten. In a behind-the-scenes interview last year, Soobin explained that Arin is a great co-MC for him because she calms him down and makes every broadcast fun.

| KBS Kpop/YouTube

When I’m super nervous, she would calm me down. And she is also very friendly, so it is a lot of fun to work with her. I enjoy coming here every Friday! I think it’s all because of her, so I’m always so thankful.

— Soobin

And naturally, Arin agreed, revealing, “My Fridays are much better because of you, Soobin.” Over the course of their year working together, MC Akong truly became close friends with each other, and we could feel their bond through the screen each and every week.