TXT’s Soobin Reveals His Go-To Playlist, And Here Are The 10 Songs He’s Loving The Most

All these songs are 🔥🔥

Due to the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, several music shows have been canceled, including KBS‘s Music Bank featuring hosts TXT‘s Soobin and OH MY GIRL‘s Arin. However, fans didn’t have to worry about not having content because plenty of content was released.

In particular, Soobin shared some of the K-Pop songs he loves listening to the most and why. Here is a look at the ten songs that TXT’s Soobin can’t get enough of.

1. Embarrassed (BTS)

As expected, Soobin’s playlist started off with a song by the group’s seniors and fellow HYBE artists, BTS. Although Soobin explained that he started listening to the group after they released “I NEED U,” he added that he listened to all their past songs, and it meant that “Embarrassed” became one of his favorite BTS songs!

2. Unfair (EXO)

It seems as if every K-Pop fan has one EXO track they can’t get enough of, and, for Soobin, it’s “Unfair.” It seems as if, like most idols, Soobin also watches EXO’s performances and listens to all their tracks, but this one stood out the most.

3. Round and Round (SF9)

The next track was SF9’s 2019 song “Round And Round” which Soobin praised as being, “Really, really, really, really, cool.” Soobin loves it so much that he added that he wanted to tell everyone in the streets to listen to that song at least once. Despite there not being many stages, Soobin loved their facial expressions and was regretful that he couldn’t tell them how much he loved the song when he interviewed them.

4. Wave (ATEEZ)

With summer coming up, Soobin’s next pick of ATEEZ’s “Wave” was a perfect choice. Of course, Soobin added that he liked a lot of the group’s songs, from “Aurora” to “Answer.” In particular, Soobin revealed that he doesn’t normally watch stages while listening to songs, but he has to with ATEEZ because of their energy.

5. Daisy (PENTAGON)

For Soobin, this song had a special place in his heart because it was released when he first became MC. He added that the performances were so good that he would stop everything and watch their stages, and he also listened to it on the way home. Soobin even got fellow member Hueningkai to listen to it, and he fell in love with it.

6. Healer (DAY6)

DAY6 might be the only K-band on this list, but they definitely deserve a place on everyone’s playlist. As Soobin pointed out, fans already know that the group has so many hits, but he likes this one the most because the lyrics make him feel good! He also pointed out that he always sings this song with Beomgyu, who loves DAY6!

7. Moscow Moscow (ONF)

ONF is seen as one of the most underrated groups for many K-Pop fans, and “Moscow Moscow” is definitely an underrated track. Like many of the groups on the list, Soobin seemed to have a love for all of ONF’s songs, including “Beautiful Beautiful.” Although Soobin pointed out that “We Must Love” is his favorite, he was right in saying it was already known, and he shone a light on a hidden gem.

8. A Song Written Easily (ONEUS)

Released in 2020, “A Song Written Easily” is the perfect song for the warm weather. In particular, Soobin explained that he loved the whistling section done by fellow RBW group ONEWE‘s leader Yonghoon. Dancing along to the track, Soobin seems to be a fellow ToMoon and rightly seemed to love the group’s “LIT” era.

9. Our Summer (TXT)

Obviously, Soobin couldn’t make a playlist without involving his own group! Rightly so, Soobin thought “Our Summer” had the feeling of driving in an open-topped car to the beach and loved the falsetto chorus, not just because it was his part. He also pointed out that it brings back memories of the music video shoot done in America.

10. Anti-Romantic (TXT)

Soobin ended on the track “Anti-Romantic,” which has taken the world by storm and even went viral on TikTok. He loves this song because it has a unique theme and has a contradictory message of love. All the members were also involved in the song, which makes it even more special!

Source: KBS Pop