TXT And Stray Kids Both Can’t Live Without These Two Items

They chose the same thing.

Stray Kids and TXT have similar likes and dislikes. They both had separate interviews with GQ where they revealed the items each member cannot live without.

Surprisingly, some of their choices overlapped. Check them out below!

1. Workout Bands

First up, both Taehyun from TXT and Chang Bin from Stray Kids love their resistance bands. The two are known for being gym rats who do their best to take care of their bodies.

Taehyun uses it as a dumbbell replacement when going abroad.

This is my workout band. They go by weight. Extra light? I didn’t even open the lightest one. Useless. If you took dumbbells around with you when you’re traveling or on the go, that’d be way too hard so I bring these with me. Most hotels have gyms anyway.

— Taehyun

Changbin also brought out resistance bands during his interview portion. Besides utilizing them for the same exercises that Taehyun does, he also likes them for how they help his posture.

I always bring this.

— Changbin

Bang Chan added that it is a good item to have considering their job is related to dancing and they always need to be at their peak condition.

He’s always in the waiting rooms fixing his posture. Especially since it’s a job where we have to use our body a lot, taking care of it is very, very essential, especially for Changbin since he’s been working out a lot these days.

— Bang Chan

2. Vitamins

Speaking of Bang Chan, both he and TXT member Soobin love their vitamins. The two leaders brought out a jar which carried their own assortment of pills. The former raved about Vitamin D as well as the overall benefits of vitamins.

This is my little bottle of vitamins. It has Vitamin D and it has Ester-C which is like a boosted Vitamin C.

We barely get to see sunlight so I think it’s important to have Vitamin D. Multivitamins and Vitamin C are to help with the immune system. Very simple but it’s essential for health and well being.

— Bang Chan

He added that vitamins are a great help in their line of work.

I do feel that it helps us out cause you know, we’re always performing, working on music, barely getting enough sleep, so this really helps.

— Bang Chan

Soobin, similarly, was happy to show his entire collection of various supplements.

This is a pill case I carry around. I carry around supplements. This is chromium; this is Omega 3; this is Vitamin B with Magnesium; this is hydrogen water. They’re just something good for fatigue.

— Soobin

When it comes to items they can’t live without, TXT and Stray Kids aren’t too different from each other!

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