Just 10 Times TXT’s Real Life Visuals Were Almost Too Good To Be True In Recent “Sugar Rush Ride” Fan-Taken Photos And Videos

Lucky MOAs saw them up close.

TXT recently returned to the music scene with their title track “Sugar Rush Ride.” To celebrate, they met lucky fans in a fanmeeting and greeted them outside the broadcasting studio. MOAs were able to capture their real life visuals in photos and videos which they shared online.

Check them out below!

1. Taehyun, Yeonjun, and Beomgyu

First up, TXT’s charisma was amplified in person.

2. Beomgyu

Seeing Beomgyu up close is a blessing in itself.

3. Soobin

Soobin looks like a K-Drama male lead in real life.

4. Taehyun

Taehyun has the kind of smile that lights up the whole room.

5. Hueningkai

Hueningkai is the definition of charming.

6. Yeonjun and Beomgyu

Yeonjun and Beomgyu are a lethal visual combination.

7. Yeonjun

Yeonjun never fails to capture everyone’s attention wherever he goes.

8. Beomgyu

Beomgyu’s positivity is contagious.

9. Soobin

Soobin with blonde hair might be the death of us.

10. Soobin and Hueningkai

Finally, when he and Hueningkai stood next to each other, it was hard to decide who to look at first!

| @mylittlegyu/Twitter

If you haven’t yet, check out TXT’s music video for “Sugar Rush Ride” below!


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