5 Random Facts About TXT’s Taehyun That You Might Not Know

There’s much more to him than just an incredibly attractive face!

TXT is still a pretty young rookie group, but since they debuted on March 4, 2019, they’ve really made a name for themselves! All of the members stand out in their own way, but the subject of today’s focus in member Taehyun.

As a vocalist, rapper, and dancer of the group, it’s already clear that he’s very multi-talented! He’s more than just musically talented, however — he’s also very smart, and has a lot more going for him too! Whether you’re already a fan of Taehyun or just want to learn more about him, you should find these 5 facts interesting.

1. He was already famous at a young age.

Before Taehyun even thought about becoming an idol, he was already making a name for himself as a young child! He starred in many commercials, including those for Teun Teun English and Dettol Handwash, and also modeled for PORORO Computer. When he was just 10 years old, he also made an appearance on SBS News. Because of all this, he already had a fan café by 2008, when he was just 6 years old!

2. He’s the shortest member in TXT, but…

Taehyun isn’t the youngest member of TXT, but he is the shortest, standing at 177cm (or about 5’10”). Of course, this means he is not actually a short person by any means — it’s just that the other members of TXT are so incredibly tall! The next shortest is Beomgyu at 180cm (5’11”), followed by Yeonjun at 181.5cm (5’11”), Huening Kai at 183cm (6’0″), and finally Soobin at an incredible 185cm (6’1″).

3. His MBTI personality type is unique in TXT.

As an ESTP, Taehyun is the only member of TXT that has a “T” (or thinking) rather than an “F” (or feeling). He’s known to be a very intellectual, straight-forward, and realistic type of guy, so this makes sense! Thinking-type people tend to be more logical and analytical in their decision-making, whereas feeling-type people tend to make decisions based more on feelings, intuition, and emotion.

4. His intelligence is no joke.

Before becoming an idol as a child, Taehyun had dreams of becoming a magician or wizard, which of course isn’t really a legitimate occupation, but it showed his interest in that sort of field from a young age. He ended up being incredibly smart, and graduated from his school with the highest GPA in his homeroom. He also took advanced math classes, and was planning on going to a science high school until he became an idol trainee. He’s said that if he didn’t end up becoming an idol, he likely would have become a professor.

5. He was highly desired among entertainment companies.

At the entrance ceremony for when Taehyun was about to start at Hanlim Arts School, he ended up receiving cards from around 20 different entertainment companies that wanted him to join their trainee programs! He stood out in the crowd because of his natural good looks, which is why he got so many offers. Even after he ended up choosing BigHit Entertainment, companies still tried to get him to join them instead!

Hopefully you learned something new about Taehyun today!


Source: Doyouram