TXT Take A Series Of Tests To Find Their Secret Talents, And Taehyun Makes It All Look Easy

The true talent of TXT is making everyone laugh.

In a recent video with CosmopolitanTXT went through a series of tests to see if they could discover any secret talents, and Taehyun proved to be a man of many trades.

1. Paper Airplanes

The first test was to see who’s paper airplane could fly the furthest, and Taehyun’s pink plane proved to be the steadiest flyer.

| Cosmopolitan/YouTube

2. Tracing Hands

While all of TXT did well on this challenge, the members made Taehyun the winner due to having the prettiest hand and being the only lefty.

3. Staring Contest

Taehyun and Hueningkai tied for this mission, forcing a draw after a whole minute of not blinking. The biggest flex is that their eyes were wide open the entire time, without a single squint or hint of struggle.

4. Ventriloquism

The members tested their ventriloquism skills with these puppet animals. While all the members did a pretty good job, Taehyun effortlessly mimicked the sounds of a monkey without a quiver in his lips, leaving the members impressed.

5. Idol And Magician

Whether with coins or cards, Taehyun showed off his various magic tricks, living up to his childhood love for magic that has carried on even into the fictional world of TXT’s concept.

6. Jump Rope

Taehyun was having the time of his life this entire video, simultaneously goofing around and pulling off ten double jumps in a row.

7. His One Nemesis: Fruit

The challenges that had everyone stumped in TXT, including ace Taehyun, were the ones involving fruit. While Taehyun seemed to get close to splitting the apple, in the end, his attempts were fruitless.

He also didn’t get too far with peeling an orange in one piece.

8. A Sweet Rematch

Taehyun had his rematch with oranges soon enough when the members were asked to reveal any other hidden talents they had. Despite the orange being almost as big as his face, Taehyun popped the whole orange into his mouth with ease, sending everyone into fits of laughter.

You can watch the full video of TXT’s antics and hidden talents down below: