TXT Picks The 5 Things They Can’t Help But Be Tempted By…And Soobin Hilariously Corrected Hueningkai’s Answer

Their banter is the best!

TXT has finally returned to the music scene!

They talked about their new title track, “Sugar Rush Ride,” and more in an interview with STYLECASTER. One question in particular prompted a diverse response from the members.

What tempts you the most?


Check out what they said below!

1. Hueningkai

Hueningkai was the first member who spoke up. He had a playful answer, saying with a smile that he was the temptation.

Myself in the mirror. It’s such a big temptation. There’s nothing I can do to stop it.

— Hueningkai

He joked that he couldn’t help but be good looking. This prompted a laugh from the members, with Soobin interjecting humorously that the maknae‘s image in the mirror is actually different from what he may expect.

Isn’t it just a giant blob?

— Soobin

To make things even funnier, Hueningkai gave in right away and agreed with his joke: “Yeah…”

2. Soobin

Contrary to the maknae, Soobin’s own answer to the question of what tempts him the most was vastly different.

For me, it’s dessert.

— Soobin

3. Beomgyu

Beomgyu, meanwhile, opted for something intangible. He always can’t help but crave for rest and relaxation.

4. Taehyun

Taehyun had a response that the others found relatable as well. They nodded with him and said, “That’s true.”

For me, it’s sleep.

— Taehyun

5. Yeonjun

Finally, as prompted by Yeonjun, TXT as a whole had a specific group temptation. What they want the most is success as artists!

Yeonjun: Oh, our success!

Hueningkai: Of course, our success.

Check out the full video below to learn more about TXT and their recent comeback.


Source: YouTube


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