TXT Reveals The Top 3 Favorite Stage Outfits They’ve Ever Worn

They might’ve picked some of your favorites.

In the fashion segment “Drip Or Drop?” with Cosmopolitan magazine, TXT chose which trends they thought were hits or misses. Along the way, they revealed which of their many stage outfits were their favorites to wear. Here are the three outfits they can’t help but be pleased with every time they look back on them.

1. Basketball Jerseys

As soon as Beomgyu read the question aloud, he already had one particular look in mind. He chose the stage outfits they wore for their performance at the 34th Golden Disk Awards. “Mine were the basketball jerseys.

Beomgyu wasn’t the only one who thought the look was a complete hit.

Further into the discussion of their various stage outfits, Hueningkai agreed with Beomgyu on how their basketball jerseys had a special appeal. “I think the basketball outfits were really cool.

2. School Uniforms

Staying within the same time frame as their awards show performance, Soobin picked their signature stage outfits for “Run Away”. “For me, school uniforms.” There was a particular reason another member had agreed with the choice.

Out of all the stage outfits Taehyun has worn, there was nothing like the comfort that school-style clothing could give. “For me, school uniforms as well. They’re the most comfortable.

After all, who wouldn’t feel nice and comfy wearing a loose, warm sweater?

3. Pear Skin

While everyone else kept their choices more on the general side, Yeonjun liked a look from a particular scene in one of their music videos. He’d initially hade everyone stumped, “I liked that one from ‘Can’t You See Me?’ The pear?

When he’d explained and prompted the realization, “Ah, pear skin,” they were far from confused by the choice.

The light, pear-colored clothing they wore was a look that Yeonjun could never forget.

Funnily enough, their choices match up with their personalities.