Each TXT Member’s Visuals Had Korean Plastic Surgeons Shook

The doctors gushed over what made every member’s visuals so stunning.

Finding an entertaining way to verbalize what makes K-Pop idols so visually attractive, three Korean doctors known as the Dr. Trio come together to analyze images of groups—from plastic surgeons’ perspectives. When it came to TXT, they couldn’t stop gushing about how handsome each member was. Here’s what made each member so eye-catching.

1. Soobin

The trio began with no one other than the leader. What struck them the most about Soobin was his “smiley lips” because the “corners of his mouth are slightly raised.

On top of having “lips that make the viewer happy,” the doctors noted Soobin’s lips were so unique that there’s a new plastic surgery method to attain what he has naturally.

They all agreed, as Dr. Woo Seon said, “In order to make lips that look like this, you often get a filler or botox.

Dr. Si Wan was already amazed by their visuals when saying, “I envy them every time I see them.

2. Yeonjun

As soon as they took a look at photos of Yeonjun, they noted that he had a bit of a resemblance to BTS‘s V and actor Lee Jong Suk.

Out of all Yeonjun’s facial features, there was one that was extremely charming. Dr. Si Wan said, “His eyes are especially beautiful among his features—especially the fat under his eyes.

What made Yeonjun’s eyes so one-of-a-kind was the fact that they couldn’t be replicated. Even if Dr. Woo Seon tried to do the same look on a patient, he said, “I can’t make it like this.” Dr. Si Wan summed it up best:

That’s 100% natural. It can’t be made with modern technology.

— Dr. Si Wan

3. Beomgyu

When the doctors caught a glimpse of Beomgyu, they were speechless from his visuals and merely said, “Wow!

All of Beomgyu’s features complimented each other so well that Dr. Si Wan said, “[He] looks like a computer graphic. There are a lot of game characters that share his image.

Beomgyu looked so much like the main character of a sports game that they could imagine him appearing as the star fencer, taking off his headgear to reveal his visuals that would drive everyone wild.

4. Taehyun

If Beomgyu’s visuals had taken them by surprise, Taehyun’s knocked them off their feet. Dr. Woo Seon immediately said, “I’ve never seen a person like this before. I didn’t know this face was real.

Dr. Deok Jun was just as blown away, expressing how much Taehyun had the ideal face of a romance manhwa character come to life.

I want to use him as a model for our hospital model. Eyes, nose…all perfect.

— Dr. Deok Jun

5. Hueningkai

Maknae Hueningkai’s visuals initially caused some confusion for the doctors. They picked up that he was American but was thrown off by his Asian features—until they were told he was indeed Korean-American. The fact that Hueningkai had the best of both worlds left them just as amazed by his handsomeness.

Dr. Si Wan noted that Hueningkai could be the “main character of an American teen drama” while Dr. Deok Jun could see him as a “model of clothes.

When I think of models of luxury brands, this is the face that pops up in my mind.

— Dr. Si Wan

Every TXT member truly is a visual. Check out the trio of doctors pointing out what made each member shine the brightest.